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Scalp acupuncture is particularly beneficial in the treatment of spinal cord injuries (SCI) and other neurological conditions such as stroke, MS and Bell’s Palsy. It can help to manage various pains.

This form of acupuncture works to stimulate the area of the brain that controls the corresponding area of the body that is affected by the SCI or neurological condition. It is particularly effective if combined with other therapeutic techniques including physio-therapy and exercise therapy. It works to re-establishes the neurological connection before the brain and the body, affected by the neurological condition.

Often neurological conditions are difficult to treated, and required the combination of repeated rehabilitative exercises combined with scalp acupuncture. The connection of the brain with the body via the nervous system can be more rapid established with the used of scalp acupuncture.

During the scalp acupuncture session patients with SCI can experience warmth or tingling sensation at various parts of their body. However, patients with stroke can notice increased mobility function and sensations in their limbs.

With repeated treatment, patients can gradually, regain mobile and sensory functions. However, patient rate and level of recovery can vary, depending on the nature of the SCI and time since the date of injury.

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