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We all know that healthy eating is important. Not only does food change the way we feel and look, it also has a role to play in biological processes such as our immune response. The value of good nutrition for spinal cord injury (SCI) patients cannot be underestimated and plays a vital role in recovery.


This is one area that injured patients can quickly take control of and do something about. It’s particularly important once you realise there is a higher risk of complications and secondary health problems associated with spinal cord injuries.One of the major issues that spinal injury patients face is lack of exercise through their immobility. For many, this means weight gain can quickly become a problem. Even for those who are able to undertake exercise, lowering metabolic rates and inactivity often present further challenges.


Your body may well require fewer calories. For this reason, monitoring weight and adjusting diet accordingly should be an ongoing process. Specific types of food are going to be beneficial. For example, those with an SCI are prone to pressure sores and eating enough protein should help with the body’s recovery process in this area.Spinal injury patients may also have trouble regulating their bowel movements, so ensuring a healthy diet with plenty of fibre is another important factor. Staying hydrated and drinking plenty of fluids is a part of this. Drinking cranberry juice may also reduce the risk of urinary tract infections which have the potential to further complicate recovery.


At TNS, We provide a one-on-one consultation where we assess your health history and provide practical advice along with education on how to improve your health. Health is often overlooked in our busy lives – but it is so important because without your health you can’t live your best life.


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