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My name is Emily Peterson and I am the Administration Assistant at The Next Step.

I joined The Next Step family in 2021 to pursue my passion for helping others to regain their independence and break through limitations of many diagnosis’ following traumatic and life-altering injuries. In my previous roles, I have supported allied health practitioners with a wide range of patients from the very young up to the elderly. I have also worked alongside the legal teams who support clients impacted by significant injuries to help them access the rehabilitation they need. Through my involvement in the efforts of both sectors, I have witnessed how a positive mindset and access to holistic therapy can make such a huge difference in how someone recovers. I feel like this is at the very heart of what TNS represents and I am so excited to be part of such a unique and vibrant team!


I am the second eldest in my family and I have three brothers. We’ve all grown up playing lots of sport and I spent majority of my adolescence competing in both indoor and outdoor soccer. When I’m not at work, I love spending my free time with my dog and getting out and about in nature.


5 Things You Should Know About Me:


  1. I have an unhealthy obsession with dogs (anything with floppy ears is my weakness)

  2. My second unhealthy obsession is with indoor plants. The unhealthy part refers to the state of said plant about 1 month after I bring it home - for some reason I struggle to keep them alive?!? (Tips are most welcome)

  3. My favourite food is homemade Lasagne or Korean Fried Chicken from Rice Queen!!

  4. I proudly keep the Australian economy going strong with my regular visits to Sephora & Mecca (sorry bank account)

  5. Combining my love for helping people and animals, I have an interest in animal-assisted therapy and think the uncapped potential of how animals can empower those recovering from injuries and living with chronic conditions is so intriguing!

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