My name is Dr James Tran and I am the Acupuncturist at The Next Step.

(Registered Acupuncturist – Chinese Medicine Practitioner)

M. App Sci (Acupuncture), M. App Sci (CHM), B. HSc, AACMA, ATMS member, AHPRA

I am an Acupuncturist and Chinese Medicine practitioner at The Next Step. I first started practicing natural medicine in 2008; and in 2013 starting using acupuncture in my treatments. I specialises in the treatment of neurological condition, including SCI and stroke; and other conditions that include stress, and anxiety; and digestive problems.

I was drawn to TNS by the opportunity to help patients with spinal cord injuries and other neurological problems, using acupuncture. I practices Zhu’s scalp acupuncture, which he has found to be the most effective form of acupuncture for those with neurological problems. Seeing changes and improvement in their conditions keeps me excited and motivated!

Outside of TNS, I enjoy playing Badminton to keep fit; playing the ancient strategy board game Go; studying and reading Indian astrology and Buddhist philosophy.

I am passionate about being able to make a difference in people’s lives, whether it is in those with SCI, stroke and other neurological conditions at TNS, or outside of TNS, treating those with anxiety and stress, through the practice of acupuncture and traditional Chinese medicines.