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The Next Step SCI  Recovery and Wellness Centre have been able to establish links with external parties who are willing to provide generous funding to cover a scholarship. Scholarship amount will be $15,000 to fund our 3 month Fast Start Program, which incorporates all of our services, Exercise Physiology, Massage, Nutrition and Acupuncture to allow for optimal progression. 

Am I eligible?

To be eligible for our scholarship you must be currently not receiving any funding from NDIS, TAC or Work Cover and be willing make a commitment to your recovery.

What’s next?

As part of our selection process we ask that you come in for an initial assessment at a cost of $180. During this assessment we will assess for function and find out your goals. You will also attend a short informal interview with our founder Rhiannon Tracey. Unfortunately the cost for this can’t be taken from the scholarship fund as it is required before we select our successful applicant.

Interested in an athlete scholarship?
Fill out the form below and we will be in touch to answer all your questions shortly!

Thanks for contacting us, one of our team members will be in touch shortly!


27 February marks five years since my thoracic laminectomy which had the unexpected result of causing nerve damage and scar tissue during the surgery. I was in hospital for 77 days. This ended my professional career.

I was fortunate to be the first person who was awarded a The Next Step scholarship in July 2016, for several sessions. In the past 3 1/2 years I have been able to maintain my cardio fitness and muscle strength due to the skills of my Exercise Physiologist, Jake Mennuni.

My program of exercises at TNS combined with sessions of hydrotherapy each week, ensures my strength is at the same level as pre-surgery, and with TNS we work on stepping and "locomotor training" to improve my gait and balance to the extent that is possible. This ensures that I will be in a positive position for the hopefully near future possibility of spinal cord nerve repair. The Next Step provides me with motivation and encouragement which is so important when mobility and independence are lost. The staff and the facilities at The Next Step are vitally important to me and I am so grateful that I am working with them.


Starting therapy at The Next Step immediately improved both my healthy and quality for life. In 3 short months that I had been at The Next Step my back pain had improved and my body was overall stronger. So when my NDIS Plan ran out the funds to support me, the scholarship was a huge blessing and immediately relieved the pressure of trying to find financial support elsewhere.

The Next Step has come to be a big part of my life and the increased support has allowed me to further improve my overall wellbeing and strength. My 2-hour sessions include hip and leg stretching, then followed with core and shoulder strengthening. My specified Exercise Physiotherapy sessions at The Next Step has released tension in my body through repetitive stretching and exercise; which has improved my chair transfers and overall independence.


On January 5th, 2018, I broke my C4 fractured my C5, dislocated my neck and compressed my spinal cord from C2-C7 in a diving accident in Launceston Tasmania. After nine months in hospital I received the amazing news that I had been selected to receive a TNS scholarship. This was life changing for me as in Tasmania we have no rehab facilities or even a spinal clinic for that matter. I trained at TNS between 4-5 days a week for 4 months. During this time, I gained some amazing results that I didn’t think would be possible after getting my diagnosis. I met some incredible and very inspirational people who have taught me life lessons that I will continue to use forever. As soon as you enter the doors of TNS you are welcomed with open arms no matter what your condition is or where you’re from. They are so supportive and knowledgeable in every aspect they keep you motivated they explain everything really well and you instantly feel like you’re family to them!

The training I received at TNS was amazing they are constantly expanding their knowledge from all different sources around the world to make sure they give you the best possible opportunity to improve in any area you can and especially areas you thought you couldn’t! If you are lucky enough to train at TNS or be selected for the scholarship you will come out of there a better person and have improvements you never thought would be possible and have people you can call upon for anything for the rest of your life!

Thank you TNS for everything you have done for me and I can’t wait to be back! 

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