My name is Mitch Lucas and I am a Senior Exercise Physiologist at The Next Steps.

I have been an Exercise Physiologist since graduating from Deakin University midway through 2018. I completed placement at TNS during my studies and was lucky enough to find myself in an Exercise Physiology role after completing my final exams. I feel very special to be a part of team that strives to help people achieve amazing things. It’s a very rewarding role in a fantastic environment. 

I really enjoy using creativity to modify exercises and an integrated approach with the mind and the body to optimise recovery. Improving quality of life and independence empowering people’s lives, gives me a great sense of satisfaction, pushing me to continually learn and develop the most effective approaches for rehabilitation. I have a high curiosity for knowledge and will always be looking to improve my skills as a clinician. My aim is to become known across Australia in the Neurological field.

I also love to come up with healthy and happier options to lifestyle and recovery promoting longevity. I have an Instagram account with tips, tricks and strategies on how to live a healthier lifestyle @switchitupwithmitch. This also includes my dance moves and anything to try and motive people to be more active!


In my spare time I like to play a variety of sports including football, basketball and tennis. I enjoy learning new dance moves mainly cutting shapes and electro. I also have an interest in horse racing and have shares in a race horse. I get around dinosaurs and wearing cool socks!

5 things you should know about me:

  1. I won an online dance competition when I was 17 years old, to win an Ipod. The competition was sending in a video of you dancing if you won the lotto!

  2. I enjoy cooking with my favourite dish being carbonara. I don’t always like following recipes; I like to make up my own dishes.

  3. I love to make costumes for dress up parties. I have a big costume box at home with all my creations and always try to win best dressed.

  4. Previously to becoming an Exercise Physiologist I worked as an installer technician working all around Australia in places such as parliament house and remote aboriginal communities.

  5. I  like to go to wineries and try all different varieties of wine. My favourite white wine is chardonnay and my favourite red wine is pinot noir.

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