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I had a ‘Cavernous Angioma’ at age 22 which causes slow blood flow and, in my case, stroke.  This meant an operation to remove, which causes damage during surgery to my cerebellum and left me in a wheelchair.

Before TNS I experienced a lot of pain.  I had very vague, if any, goals but since coming to TNS my pain has reduced significantly.  I have made and achieved many goals and still make goals. I have a much-improved state of mind and a much more positive outlook.  I get lots of regular encouragement and ideas for better progress and improved movement and strength.  Also, further treatments (Acupuncture) to complement and aid my development. 


My mind has improved and focused more on what I can do/try. I used to be negative “I can’t”,“no, I don’t want to.” Etc. There have been many goals for me over the time at TNS but my current goal is to walk! I have gained strength, endurance and the confidence to walk!  On the journey, many goals have been achieved, even without planning!

I really like the trainers and their techniques, they’re not boring and always trying new ways.  They listen to each other, bounce ideas and are very good listeners they work well as a team and are good at laughing/being relaxed but also know their profession. I would definitely recommend TNS!  Just go!  They are a positive bunch who can probably provide you more than you realise, the future looks positive for me! My favourite quote is:

"Husband and dog missing – reward for dog.” 

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