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On July 20th 2018 I got a t4 spinal cord injury, a c1 fracture and an acute brain injury.

I was on my way to work and had a car accident. I spent 7 months in hospital. In the beginning I needed a tracheostomy to breathe and a peg tube in my stomach as I was not allowed to eat food, both are gone now.

I came to The Next Step after I was in hospital so everything was new and different because I was learning to live with my new disability. Life since TNS has allowed me to exceed limits I did not think possible for example working with my spasms instead of against them, discovering I have a little voluntary movement and what that potential may hold, my strength is stronger so I can move around easier and lastly I now know that I have a kind, fun, understanding community of people at TNS with both clients, therapists and even family members.


What I like most about the trainers, is their friendly attitude, their vast knowledge, the fact that they include working your body parts that are paralysed (whilst I was in hospital they did not) and the fact they are open to try anything and see if it works.

I did 2 sessions of two-hour exercise physiology each week since march as well as massage, acupuncture and naturopathy.

I set myself a goal to get stronger so I could compete in cheerleading and do harder stunts and lift people safely. I had a goal to learn what worked with my spasms and how to manage them. I had a neck brace for three months therefore my posture was terrible so I had a goal to improve my posture.

The improvements I have made since going to TNS is I am stronger which meant I could compete at a cheerleading competition. I found ways to manage my intense spasms without medication. I learnt more about my body for example how to work with my spasms and I also discovered I have slight voluntary movement in my legs, I would highly recommend TNS  to someone who is of thinking of going!


What matters most to me in my life is the people I have around me, I have incredible family and friends. It also matters to me that I make the effort to make sure these people feel as loved and cherished as they are.

I believe I have a good and healthy mindset; I have friends and family there for me when times are challenging. I also have lots of ambition and gratitude which I think are a big part of the reason I am so happy.

All I am certain of for my future is that I will be surrounded by my loving family and friends, I will spend every day laughing, I will be making films that I am passionate about and I will keep showing the world that it is possible no matter what to be happy.

"The secret of getting ahead is

getting started".

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