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Women's Wellness Circle 

Your mental health is important to us and we always want you to feel supported. It's not easy living with a neurological condition or being a family member or carer to someone dealing with their condition.

The journey can be tough but you are not alone. We provide regular womens wellness sessions so you have the opportunity to gather together with like minded people in a safe & supportive environment. Come along, join us for a tea & gather the love & support you need to get through this journey.

Next event - TBC

Boys, BBQ, Beers & Banter

Let's face it...It's no secret that men deal with things differently to women but lucky for you we have a great group of men who are ALWAYS available to offer support in the best way they know how.

By cracking open a beer, firing up the BBQ and providing the banter you need to feel part of a community. This journey can be tough, but here at TNS we want you to know you are never alone. 

Come along, have a beer and remember that there is always something to laugh about in life, no matter what is going on.

Next event - TBC

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