The doctor tells me I have two years to recover, is this true?

The doctors are correct in one aspect of the two-year window theory—many athletes see the majority of their gains in the first two years after injury. However, it’s important to understand that this doesn’t mean recovery is limited to that timeframe. Your body has a natural inclination to recover, so why not maximise your chances? Without stimulation, your body will deteriorate. Traditional treatment alone may not effectively stimulate the paralysed body, leading to muscle loss, decreased bone density, and reduced central nervous system activity. You can still recover function well beyond the two-year mark, but it becomes increasingly challenging the longer you wait. While the two-year mark is often cited, it’s based on the assumption that you do nothing to improve during that time. We’ve worked with athletes who are three or more years post-injury and still making progress. The message is clear: don’t wait. Seize the opportunity to facilitate your body’s healing before it’s too late.

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