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Six years ago I started to experience pain in the middle of my shoulder blades, I went to see my physiotherapist and after a few weeks we decided to get a scan. After the MRI I saw a surgeon and shortly after seeing the surgeon prior to the scheduled operation, I collapsed at home and instantly had no movement from below my chest.

I spent the next five years in a wheelchair and worked out daily to try to regain as much movement as possible. I built a hydro pool at home so I could dedicate time and energy to my recovery, and I managed to regain function of my core, arms, shoulders and hands.

In 2019 I came to The Next Steps after hearing about them from a friend with the hopes of walking again. After 6 months of hard work, I was able to stand up and walk and I can now get around unaided and do most things independently.

It is a great environment from everyone involved the other athletes right through to the superstar trainers. I dedicated 8 hours a week to Exercise Physiology and incorporated acupuncture too.

My goal when I started at TNS was to get as much mobility as I could get and to walk again. TNS helped me to get out of my wheelchair and helped me along the way to achieving some of my other goals.

Since my accident, I see life a bit differently now. I don’t stress as much as I used to about the bad as I know there is always a solution and I just need to find it.


My family and my kids are the most important thing to me and I have no idea what the future will hold – I think I will end up back in a chair and some days I do now but until then I just try and get the most out of every day.

If someone asked me whether or not they should go to TNS I would tell them - You have nothing to lose and plenty to gain. Just work hard and anything is possible in that place!

"You can’t change your past, but you can change the future".

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