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My Spinal Cord Injury occurred when Neuroenteric cysts were found pressing on my spinal cord at 6 weeks of age. They had been there since gestation and I had already lost movement of my legs. However, after 2 surgeries I had lost complete function of my legs and had minimal movement of my right arm, which resulted in me being a C5 Quadriplegic. When I was 12, I underwent spinal cord injury rehabilitation but I stopped due to distance and completing high school. After high school my leg and hip tightness had progressively gotten worse which impacted on my ability to move and be comfortable. That is why I decided to start at The Next Steps.

Since starting at TNS I have regained a lot of more muscle control and have reduced the spasticity in my body. This has not only benefited me in my overall fitness but it has also provided me with great comfort in my body. I really enjoy my sessions at TNS not only because of the great benefits it has in my physical health but also the social benefits as everybody is made to feel welcomed.
I attend a 2-hour exercise therapy session three times a week to ensure that I’m actively working on myself. Recently, I had a massage at TNS which benefited my muscles in ways that I did not expect.
When I first started my exercises at TNS my goals mainly consisted of reducing muscle tightness but now they have broadened to working on strengthening my muscles below the level of my Spinal Cord Injury and also correcting my posture.

At the moment what matters most to me is to be constantly working on my self-growth in all aspects of my life.
My mindset can change depending on what is happening in my life but I try to create a positive energy so that I am putting that onto others. I do this by keeping busy so that I’m distracted by any negative thought patterns that may pop into my brain but also by surrounding myself with supportive people.

If anybody was thinking of starting at TNS I would highly recommend they do, because it can help you build confidence not only in your body but also your life. 

You are already that person...

just put yourself in that place”

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