My accident occurred on the 27/12/2017 when I dove into my mum’s pool and heard a noise that would forever change my life as I knew it. In a weird way you begin to learn that things happen for a reason, as pre-injury I wasn’t in a good place making poor decisions, so in a way both TNS and this injury have given me a new life as everyone here is a part of the family. It was a very fast transition from the royal Talbot to come to TNS as I knew there was no place like it, I travel 4 hours a week on a Thursday train 3 hours return for 3 hours on a Friday and then travel 4 hours home.

I couldn’t imagine my life without TNS as my independence has grown so much in the nearly 2 years here with every increasing hand function, upper body strength and everything in between. This is the best decision anyone could make in this situation as it is such an emotional roller coaster and to have such a great team of mentors and friends in likened situations to talk about day to day helps a lot as this is a long journey for anyone.

The prospect of walking may never happen for me but the strength mentally and physically that I’ve gained in such a short time is massive and I have everyone here to thank.

"Life is for living so get out there

and live it".  

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