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A very competitive start to Athlete of the Season! Athletes earn points through efforts such as not missing a session, checking into sessions on social media, beating personal bests in outcome measures, giving fellow athletes words of encouragement, getting achievements up on the board, completing home exercise programs and more. The Athlete with the most points at the end is rewarded with a variety if TNS prizes!

When there was only just one week to go and many athletes still in the running, Beau came in late with some huge points enabling him to take out the first Athlete of the Season for 2021. Beau’s consistency to training and 110% effort in his sessions resulted in improvements in almost every outcome measure. He did not even miss one session and had his significant achievements up on the blackboard.

Beau has been attending The Next Step since 2019. Since then, we have seen many improvements in Beau and it has been great seeing his progress develop throughout the years. COVID-19 created some challenges with only home visits allowed as well as a period of no face-to-face training with our Exercise Physiologists. After the restrictions eased, Beau was able to return to the clinic and get right back into training, significantly improving and impressing the TNS staff with his hard work and dedication to training.

Beau’s major goal was to improve his neck ranges and pain. He was able to progress all ranges; some even from major loss to minimal loss of range! We reduced pain in all ranges including some from a 5/10 to a 0/10! Another goal was to reduce weight, which Beau was able to lose a whopping 10kg!! Other achievements included standing in the hammer curl with only hip and knee support, tolerance in cobra position while performing neck retraction and improved range in supine shoulder abduction.

MITCH (EP) comments: “Beau has a great attitude towards training and is very easy to get along with making him a pleasure to train. I really enjoy performing our neck exercises in record and standing in the hammer curl. It has been great working with Beau since 2019 and seeing all the improvements he has made!”

Congratulations Beau, massive achievements made and thoroughly deserves Athlete of the Season which has set the benchmark high for the next season! The points reset at the beginning of each season, so getting off to a good start is crucial, lets have another competitive season and see some high achievements being set!!

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