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I was a disability support worker at the time March 29, 2016. I was getting ready for work and I simply went to put pants on and herniated 3 discs at the same time and my spine collapsed paralysing me from the belly button down. I had 2 surgeries 17 hours in total. 3 months in the Epworth and 7 months at the Royal Talbot.

Before TNS and after I left rehab, I was lost I had no direction and was afraid of life with my new circumstances. TNS taught me to believe and things will be ok. Rhiannon was my inspiration I wanted to be as independent as she was. That’s what I left TNS with.

I am attending physio 2 days a week with massage and hydro. Life is great I’m involved with the Love Your Sister foundation run by actor Samuel Johnson. I live independently in my own home closely supported by my nearest and dearest.

I love everything about TNS! The atmosphere was very welcoming, and all the trainers are so caring supportive and have amazing techniques and knowledge

Initially I attended 4 hours a week and massage and acupuncture.

My goal was to walk again. I achieved that with the amazing Sheree! I walked up the stairs to the top level of TNS smashing my goal without even realising it. I would highly recommend TNS. The team are amazing, and the atmosphere is so welcoming, and I wouldn’t be where I am today without them.


Like everyone I have my good days and my bad. Bad days are just frustrating with some things that I’m limited to, due to my injury. But the goods days occur more frequently due to the support and love from family and close friends.

What matters to me the most is my family and close friends and being happy, enjoying life to the fullest.The future looks bright for me!  I have amazing love and support around me. I own my own home and I am not letting anything get in my way!

"She believed she could, so she did"

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