Alisha Richards

  • Role: Allied Health Assistant (AHA)
  • Services provided for TNS: Assist Exercise Physiologists in conducting exercise programs with our athletes to help achieve their goals
  • Years worked for TNS: I started at the beginning of 2023
  • What inspired me to work for TNS: I was introduced to TNS during my AHA certification placement, and it was an instant connection. The athletes at TNS, each with their own is distinctive stories and vibrant personalities, made every day a unique adventure. This dynamic environment, brimming with new experiences, motivated me to join the TNS team.
  • Previous work experience: I’ve had a diverse range of roles before joining TNS, including disability support worker, chiropractic assistant, and retail assistant.


About TNS


Do you find your work meaningful?

I find my work to be profoundly meaningful. Every day, I have the privilege of making a positive impact on athletes lives by providing the support and assistance they need.

What inspires you most about your work?
The unwavering dedication and commitment I see in every athlete who attends their sessions. Their determination and effort serve as a constant reminder to maintain discipline in my own personal training regimen.

What are some of the positive impacts you notice your work has on participants?

Some of the positive impacts I notice my work has on participants include the incredible progress our athletes make as we push them to improve with each session. Additionally, I aim to create a joyful and positive atmosphere through engaging conversations and laughter, making their sessions at TNS the happiest part of their day.


Get To Know Alisha


Meet Alisha, our delightful connoisseur of Spaghetti Bolognese and an early morning enthusiast.

Alisha lives by the motto “What is meant to be, will be,” embracing life with open arms.

While she might not be a die-hard sports follower, you’d be intrigued to discover that she boasts a hidden talent – she used to be a regional 100m and 200m sprinter, showcasing her speed and determination. Coffee fuels her mornings, providing the necessary kickstart to her day.

Alisha is a fitness enthusiast and enjoys working out, whether it’s at the gym or in the great outdoors.

Pilates classes are also on her list of favourite activities, helping her maintain a balanced and healthy lifestyle.

She finds joy in the simple pleasures of life, such as indulging in brunch, exploring the world through travel, and savouring the beauty of Milos, Greece, one of her favourite destinations.

When she’s not sprinting or globe-trotting, Alisha enjoys immersing herself in the rhythms of techno and deep house music. Additionally, she has a soft spot for reading a good book, enriching her mind and imagination.

Beyond all of this, Alisha’s true passion lies in ensuring that everyone has the opportunity to optimise their health in all facets – physically, mentally, emotionally, and socially.

She believes in holistic well-being and strives to make a positive impact on those around her. Patience is a virtue, and Alisha embodies this quality as her best personality trait.

Above all, Alisha cherishes her time with friends and family, valuing the bonds she shares with her loved ones. Alisha is always ready for the next adventure or a delightful brunch outing.

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