Should I give up everything and try to recover?

No! You should never give up your life, family, or friends in pursuit of recovery. A strong support network and a well-rounded approach to life are key ingredients for a successful and happy recovery journey.

Recovery is a journey that should complement and enhance your life, not consume it entirely. Remember that recovery is not just about physical gains; it’s also about regaining independence, happiness, and fulfilment in all aspects of life.

It’s a multifaceted journey that encompasses physical, emotional, and social aspects of life. While striving for physical improvement is important, it should not come at the cost of your overall well-being and happiness. Recovery means finding ways to regain independence, enjoy life, and continue pursuing your passions and interests. It’s about striking a balance between your rehabilitation efforts and the other aspects of your life that bring you joy and fulfilment. Your support network of family and friends plays a crucial role in your recovery journey, providing motivation and emotional support.

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At The Next Step Recovery and Wellness Centre in Melbourne, our mission is to provide tailored programs and services for athletes recovering from spinal cord injuries and neurological conditions. Our Athlete Scholarship Program secures generous funding for athletes without financial support.