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The Next Step has supported the future generations of Exercise Physiologists and Allied Health Assistants through our student placement program for over 9 years now. We pride ourselves on providing our students with a “hands on” and comprehensive placement which will cover exercise prescription and delivery, spotting and safety when training clients, motivational interviewing and developing rapport techniques as well as admin tasks such as SOAP note writing and home exercise program development.

We have current partnerships with Deakin University who provide Exercise Physiology students and Exercise Research Australia who provide Allied Health Assistant students, and previous relationships with other universities and schools over the years. Many of our students have been provided employment opportunities with us after standing out while on their placement.


See below some testimonies from students and universities:


“During my placement at TNS, I had the opportunity to observe and work alongside a team dedicated purely to strong outcomes in neurological recovery. They were welcoming from the start, and invited me to ask questions to further my learning. I was able to gain experience in setting up and using the Biodex, the Total Gym, and the RedCord system – all three of which aren’t always available at other clinics. I learnt about reflexes, and had the opportunity to participate in finding some with support from the team. What is really special about TNS though is the community they’ve built. The clients, EPs, and management team have strong relationships that support the work they’re doing together within the clinic, while also offering so much more. It’s a unique environment, and one that I’d highly encourage other students to grab the opportunity to experience.”

Ash – Charles Sturt University


“My experience at The Next Step was fantastic!! From my first shift the staff were very welcoming and got me even more excited about my future placement. I got to learn and experience so much. I met wonderful clients who worked hard to get better and stronger. They were really friendly and really kind in allowing me to be involved in their sessions. My experience was so interesting learning people’s stories and journeys of recovery. They have a great facility with so much room and modern equipment. The staff are so passionate about their job and helping their clients achieved what sometimes we take for granted. I would highly recommend grabbing this placement as an opportunity. I can’t wait to come back in the future and learn so much more.”



“The Next Step stands out as one of the most unique placements with its engaging clinical environment and staff as well as a change in pace with working with the spinal cord injury population. This placement experience gave me the opportunity to meet with many different clients who present with different spinal cord injuries and to further understand the uniqueness of each condition. Each condition/session gave me an insight into their rehabilitation process and the purpose of each exercise performed. The Exercise Physiologists were very informative in the goal of each exercise prescribed (as well as the goal of the session overall) and proactively sought to fill in any gaps in my knowledge.

The rehabilitation process is a dynamic one such that each client session is a unique one and consistently kept me engaged and always presented with something new to learn. The Exercise Physiologists were very encouraging on being extra hands and this supplemented my passion for working with rehabilitation clients and motivation to learn, understand and apply knowledge to the spinal cord injury population.

What separates this experiences with any other placement experiences is that it requires you to be far more hands on and actively engaged in the client’s rehabilitation process. Each Exercise Physiologist enjoys your assistance and actively delegates tasks to accomplish goals as a team.”



“I attended the Next Step as a part of my placement for my undergrad studies and allied health assistance certificate. During my time I have been exposed to a widespread array of key experiences for which has assisted in my own career development within the exercise rehab industry.

Through directly working alongside exercise physiologists and allied health assistances, I was able to gain firsthand exposure to the industry which has proven to be paramount to my skill development as a practitioner in training.

I have been able to practice rapport building through the many wonderful client’s I have had the pleasure working with over my placement duration, for which has deepened my understanding of neuroanatomy and spinal cord injuries.

Moreover, The Next Step has allowed me to put the previous 3 year of study into practice with adequate opportunity to demonstrate and practice exercise delivery to a diverse client base. The diversity within physical capabilities has really taught me to work on my feet and practice problem solving which has been one of the more significant skills to have as a practitioner

The Next Step for me, has provided a lot of perspective for what a clinical experience can be like whilst working with a positive and fun team, for which has made coming to placement an exciting and fun experience. I felt welcomed and a part of a team from the first day despite only being a student, which I believe reflects of the culture and family like setting between client’s and practitioners here.”



“During my 120 hours of clinical placement at The Next Step Wellness and Recovery Centre, I engaged in various activities aimed at developing my professional skills in Exercise Science and Allied Health Assistance. My responsibilities included assisting the Accredited Exercise Physiologists (AEPs) with exercise sessions, which involved spotting athletes, setting up and packing up equipment for exercise sessions, writing SOAP notes, adhering to cleaning protocols, cueing athletes for form and technique, assisting in tracking exercise such as counting repetitions, coming up with progressions and regressions of exercises, responding to enquiries and managing administrative tasks.

I had the opportunity to observe home visits where the AEPs tailored their treatments to athlete’s home environments, such as walking up and down a hallway for cardio and using household items as exercise tools. This highlighted the importance of adaptability and creativity in designing effective exercise programs.

Working closely with AEPs, I established rapport with athletes and ensured that the necessary space and equipment were readily available for each session. I worked with an array of athletes, all with different conditions and backgrounds. This, alongside theory content provided by TNS taught me an invaluable amount in programming safe and effective exercise to achieve athlete’s goals in a holistic and individualised approach.

From my placement, I was offered the job as an Allied Health Assistant where I have been working for almost a year. I would recommend this placement to every student studying in this field to deepen their understanding in the Exercise Physiology field, working with a wide range of conditions and abilities.”



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At The Next Step Recovery and Wellness Centre in Melbourne, our mission is to provide tailored programs and services for athletes recovering from spinal cord injuries and neurological conditions. Our Athlete Scholarship Program secures generous funding for athletes without financial support.