Jake Mennuni

  • Role: Senior Exercise Physiologist and Team Leader
  • Years worked for TNS: I’ve been part of this incredible team for 7 years now, and I’m immensely grateful for the opportunity to work with amazing clients and fellow Exercise Physiologists.
  • What inspired me to work for TNS: The opportunity to work with clients who have been through a traumatic injury and had their lives turned upside down and the prospect of contributing to their recovery journey and making a meaningful impact in their life is what drew me to work at TNS.


About TNS

What do you find is the most rewarding about your role at TNS?

Over the years, what I have enjoyed is developing connections to the clients and sharing in their joy when they achieve their goals. I thrive on the challenge of working with individuals dealing with multiple comorbidities, and I appreciate the freedom to explore new and exciting exercises, fostering a dynamic and innovative approach to rehabilitation.

What inspires you most about your work?

What inspires me most about my work is the anticipation of exciting technological advancements and upcoming research studies in the neurological field. I find fulfilment in continuously pursuing professional development and engaging in studies to enhance my expertise in this area. My ultimate aspiration is to look back one day during my retirement, knowing that there’s someone walking around Melbourne who was once confined to a wheelchair, and I played a crucial role in helping them regain their mobility.


Get To Know Jake

Meet Jake, our fitness enthusiast who thrives on an active lifestyle! On the weekends you’ll find him engaged in a myriad of activities, from acing it on the tennis court, swinging those golf clubs, to perfecting his Pilates moves and hitting the weights. And let’s not forget the leisurely strolls with his three adopted Greyhounds.

Jake likes to balance all that exercise out by having a sesh with the boys, whether it’s watching sports or indulging in some PlayStation fun.

While he rarely sheds a tear or gets angry, footy and cricket matches can evoke some serious emotions, unfortunately the bombers haven’t given him too much joy lately. Jake’s food love knows no bounds, except for the nuts (they will kill him!)

Jake’s parents fuelled his passion for healthy living for an early age. He believes in the transformative healing power of exercise and is on a mission to spread the word about its endless benefits, aiming to uplift the quality of life for everyone he encounters. With his love for life, sports, and furry friends, Jake adds an energetic vibe to the TNS team!

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