Mitch Lucas

  • Role: Senior Exercise Physiologist
  • Services provided for TNS: Exercise Physiology – Lumbar Spine McKenzie Method and Neurac Redcord Specialist
  • Years worked for TNS: I started mid-2018
  • What inspired me to work for TNS: After my first placement, I discovered my passion for working with neurological conditions. I began as an Allied Health Assistant at TNS while studying, which eventually led to my role as an Exercise Physiologist after graduating.
  • Previous work experience: I worked as an installer technician, traveling across Australia to set up various venues, including parliament houses, banks, jails, and remote Aboriginal communities. Additionally, I worked as a delivery driver for Kennards Lift and Shift in the city.


About TNS


Do you find your work meaningful?

I feel privileged to be a part of a team that is dedicated to helping people achieve remarkable milestones. It’s an incredibly rewarding role in a fantastic environment.

What inspires you most about your work?
I find great satisfaction in creatively adapting exercises and taking a holistic approach to optimize recovery, focusing on both the mind and body. Empowering athletes to enhance their quality of life and regain independence is my driving force, inspiring me to continuously seek and refine effective rehabilitation strategies.

With a strong passion for learning, I am committed to advancing my clinical skills and aspire to become a recognized figure in the field of Neurological rehabilitation throughout Australia.


Get To Know Mitch


Meet Mitch, our exercise enthusiast, a morning person with an affinity for exploring dance floors!

He exudes excitement in every moment and has a knack for keeping things far from awkward.

While language versatility may not be in his wheelhouse, his fluency in the language of sports is truly impressive.

He passionately supports teams like Sydney in footy, Storm in rugby league, and Aussies in the NBA. Sports run deep in his veins, from golf and Formula 1 to tennis, cricket, and cycling, and he’s an avid follower of the exhilarating Tour de France.

On weekends, you’ll find him in perpetual motion, indulging in an array of sports like golf, biking, running, and weightlifting. But it doesn’t stop there; he’s also a dance aficionado, always ready to bust out moves like cutting shapes and shuffling.

An unexpected tidbit about him? He once triumphed in an online dance competition, winning an iPod in the process.

While currently abstaining from binge-watching his favourites Game of Thrones and Jurassic Park, his social media preference leans toward TikTok, where he can indulge in tantalising food and dance videos.

When it comes to culinary delights, few dishes can match the allure of a well-prepared carbonara.

His wanderlust has led him to Iceland, a place of unparalleled beauty that left an indelible mark.

As for his ever-evolving passions, they change with the wind, whether it’s setting fitness records or tackling backyard projects, he thrives on a sense of accomplishment.

His favourite quote, “If ifs and butts were candy and nuts, we would all have a Merry Christmas,” reflects his light hearted approach to life.

In his downtime, you’ll often find him exercising to his favourite bangers, challenging friends to Fortnite battles, exploring wineries, embarking on exciting travels with his wife, or mastering new dance moves.

This energetic individual knows how to make every moment count!

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